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Episode 52: 'allo 'allo

June 9th, 2013, 11:00 am

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An accent is a glorious thing to behold. I'm surprised the GM has held out this long, given the wide array of upper-class English males he's had to play with thusfar.

The joys of languages include being able to convey languages. Unwritten laws include:

1. The dwarves are Scottish.
2. The Elves are posh.
3. The Orcs, Halflings and Drow have Cockney tendencies.
4. A worse accent denotes a more fun campaign.

If your GM speaks fluently in a multitude of languages with flawless intonation, you will have significantly less fun with this as a concept, since nothing is more amusing than having all the mine sound like the same (borderline racist) version of Billy Connolly.

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