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Episode 4: Know Your Limits

October 8th, 2012, 11:00 am

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Always assume an NPC is plot relevant. GMs will throw the odd red herring, but they don't bother creating an organism that doesn't have a purpose. Never forget that the Teleological Argument applies in this world. It’s designed, and everything in it has a purpose…

Unless it’s a red herring.

Also know when to admit defeat. Sinking the plot vital ship might not destroy the gold they’re searching for, but it sure as hell puts it out of reach. Plus this is the end of a campaign, where players can get increasingly keen to end the story and start a new one.

Apart from that one player, determined to end the quest on their own terms. They are usually Chaotic Neutral. Or lying about their alignment.

Pizza is also a very effective bargaining tool.

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